Product Review- GNC Beyond Raw "Re-Built Mass"


I was asked to try out a couple of new products from GNC.  One of which is the "Re-Built Mass" from their Beyond Raw line:


I was a bit scared.  Last time I took a mass gainer was in college umpteen years ago.  A bazillion calories, carbs, even sugar and fat? YIKES!  

But, I committed to trying it, and although I make no claims on intelligence, I do try to claim integrity.  So I figured if I quickly ballooned up into the marshmallow man then I would have my answer about the usability of this product for guys in their thirties who are trying to stay lean. 

Disclaimer:  I am training a LOT these days.  And, my intake is pretty tight.  On the weekends, I allow myself a few beers or glasses of wine, some dark chocolate covered almonds, etc, but for the most part, I am intaking only good fuel.

Usage: The listed directions say take 3 scoops!  Here is the label: 

Supplement Facts
Serving Size   3 level scoop(s)
Servings Per Container  11
Amount Per Serving   % DV
Calories    850.00    
Calories from Fat    90.00    
Total Fat    10.00 g   15% 
Saturated Fat    5.00 g   25% 
Cholesterol    80.00 mg   27% 
Sodium    550.00 mg   23% 
Total Carbohydrate    130.00 g   43% 
Dietary Fiber    4.00 g   16% 
Calcium    500.00 mg   50% 
Potassium    1000.00 mg   29% 
Sugars    10.00 g    
Protein    60.00 g    


Scary for a skinny guy, right??!  I think that's a bit much for a welterweight like me, so I've been taking 2 scoops, and using it immediately after my lifting session of the day.  The other protein shakes of the day are mainly GNC's Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 (review here:


Results: Honestly, I love it.  Some products you try and you know immediately that you will never use them again.  This one- what's not to love?  I have the Chocolate Brownie flavor, and it tastes delicious.  Of course it does- I'm used to many years force-feeding myself protein shakes without sugar, carbs, or fat!  This one spoils me- I look forward to it like the tigers at the zoo with their raw meat at feeding time.  The first couple days, of course, I felt very full after drinking it, my little belly adjusting to taking in the extras.  

Weight: You know how I feel about scales, but due to the unique nature of this product, I thought I would check what my weight is doing.  When I finished the Birthday Challenge a couple of weeks ago, I stepped on the scale before that photo shoot and was about 167.  Just now I am 172.  Not a big difference, but, I think it's pretty fair to say that I have gained a couple pounds of hard muscle in the last couple of weeks, and the only real change to my intake calorically is this Re-Built Mass.  Not bad!  I've managed to stay lean, since my intake and training are pretty dialed in.  I imagine that adding in another Re-Built Mass shake throughout the day would bump this up a little more, but may alter how lean I can stayas well?  


You know the obnoxious guy who take a photo of himself in the mirror?  Well, here is one of those from late last night, just so you know I'm not getting too squishy:  


Performance: For me- having the silly jobs that I do- looking a certain way is important, but so is performing a certain way.  I'm very happy to put on a few pounds of muscle- as long as my body supports it functionally.  I'm happy to say that I have pushed myself a few times in workouts over the last couple of weeks and I feel great, and my strength is easily supporting any growth my body is doing.

Here are a few tests of functionality that I tried recently:



Conclusion: You know me, no illusions of grandeur- Jay Cutler isn't worried about me at the next Mr. O and I'm not gonna win any powerlifting competitions in 2012.  But, for guys like me- there are millions!- the golden egg has always been how to stay lean AND add muscle.  How to get bigger and stronger but not squishier!  Well, I think GNC' Re-Built Mass is a fantastic tool for this.  If you maintain your discipline in other areas, and add in one or two of these meals (I mean shakes!) I think you will be very happy with the results.  For a guy who has been trying to figure it out for 20 years now, I know I am.  And it's only been a couple of weeks! :)

I'm looking forward to pushing even harder.  Thanks guys.

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