Best Biceps Workouts and Exercises

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I see a lot of people in GYM working daily on their arms. That means doing biceps and triceps exercises without any concentration on the muscle they are doing. Lifting to much weight that their muscle can handle. Doing exercises the way they should not and that leads slower progress on muscle raising and strength gaining. Are you one of them? Then read on to see what things you need to be careful on and which biceps workouts and exercises are the best to go for at the beginning!

First when deciding that you want a bigger biceps you need to follow some tips, no mater if you are a women or men, or if you do not even go to GYM, you do home based workouts. The first part to follow is the nutrition. You should have an ideal nutrition that means enough proteins and not to many carbs and fat food. Your muscles need proteins to grow (I recommend a lot of meet and whey supplement). Second you need to work on your biceps 1-2 times per week, it is enough trust me! Third is that you work on other muscles of your body. The ones I recommend the most are chest, legs and back. The best exercises to help you gaining faster biceps muscle are squats and dead lift!

As I said you should work 1-2 times per week in GYM or at home to get stronger, bigger biceps. Here are the best biceps workouts and exercises that you should follow first week. Second week you need to change the workouts to get faster results, that is important!

Barbell Curl or Dumbbell Curl – The very basic exercise for your biceps. Sometimes is best to put on lower weights and more concentrate on your muscle, also do more lifts than usual. Try to lower your shoulders when doing it and not trying to help your lifting with swinging your body forward and back!
Chip-Up – You need to have the strength to lift your body up to 10 times. If you can not, that means you are not strong enough for your body weight. Practice it!
Incline Dumbbell Curl – The exercise that makes wonders, trust me! Usually I add in each routine an half routine that means I do 12 lifts, then I have a 8 seconds brake and I do another 6 lifts. I do 3 routines in that exercise, try it!
Concentration Curl – I do that exercise every time on the end of the day. That means putting on really low weight and trying to concentrate only on biceps when lifting dumbbell. Do lifts slowly and concentrated!

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How to Get a Good Bicep Workout

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A work out is one of the major components in achieving a well fit body. However, it is best to give importance on the techniques as well as the proper execution of these exercises in order to achieve the best results. When done the wrong way, you are just more likely to get numerous injuries and muscle cramps.

As we all know, having a well formed bicep serves a source of a person’s confidence as it indicates strength and well conditioning of the body. Due to this fact, a lot of people are exerting more effort in focusing their work outs more on this type of muscle. But as discussed earlier, only a few were able to achieve the best of results while a lot of people lack important knowledge in the proper execution of a bicep work out. But in order to make the most out of your bicep work out, there are several ways and factors that should be considered.

What most people often take for granted is giving focus on antagonistic muscles. These muscles are the opposing types that balance each other. Some good example include the biceps and triceps, the chest and upper back, the abdominals and the lower back, and the quads and the hamstrings. This group of muscles should be given of equal importance on your work outs in order to balance the results. This is important in order to ensure a growth of maximum potential on opposing muscles. This just simply means that you should provide an equal amount of exercise for your biceps as well as your triceps.

Another technique for a better bicep work out is by giving importance on both direct and indirect movements. Direct training work out refers to isolation exercises while the indirect ones are compound movements. One good example of direct movements is by way of curls while pull-ups and pull-downs make up the indirect movements. This is important to consider as these movements provide a full range of motion for your biceps to achieve better muscle development and more muscle stimulation.

One popular example of a program specifically designed to greatly improve a person’s biceps is the Great Guns in 12 Weeks. This program is designed by a former trainer of Olympic athletes and well known strength consultant, Ian King. This program aims to increase arm size in just 12 weeks. So if you happen to be in great desperation for a bicep improvement, this might be the perfect program for you.

The entire program is composed of four different phases that give equal focus on both the triceps and biceps. This program is also designed to be a part on other work out programs for other parts of your body in order to give fair importance on other body parts. During the said program, you must start by on weights that can be considered as moderately challenging and adding them up on each succeeding week. This is vital as it will ensure better development for your muscles and provide a more toned muscle growth.

If you enjoyed reading about what a great results driven workout it is, then I promise you will love to see this. It is a great opportunity to get in the best shape of your physical and financial life. Contact me if you want to workout from home and make money doing it. Remember, everything I say has a guarantee.

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The Top 2 Exercises For Triceps

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Many weight lifters often focus far too much attention on their biceps when they train arms. The triceps make up two thirds of the upper arm mass, and should always be given priority in training. They require heavy weights and compound movements to grow. Here are the 2 best exercises for triceps that you can do to build huge arms.

1. Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press is among the best exercises for triceps, and most people find it to be their most productive movement. It will allow you to use more weight than any other movement, and that is exactly what your muscles, especially your triceps need.

Most peoples’ triceps are what’s known as fast-twitch dominant, which means that they are far better at producing large amounts of force for short amounts of time. Thus, use heavy weights and low reps with these movements.

For the close grip bench press, work your way up to 2-3 sets of 4-6 reps. You have to be judicious about how many sets to do, as the triceps have a tendency to rapidly and suddenly fatigue in the middle of a set.

2. Triceps Dips

Many bodybuilders know that dips are one of the best movements for the chest, but they can also be one of the best exercises for triceps. Like the close grip bench press, dips are a compound exercises that uses many joints and muscles and allows you to use very heavy weight.

To do dips specifically for the triceps, you will probably need a dip station with tapered handles. Grip the handles with less than a shoulder-width grip, and use a range of motion that goes from arms parallel to the floor all the way to lockout.

Once you are at the point where you can do 8-10 reps with just your bodyweight (you may already be able to do much more), start adding external resistance with a dip belt. Aim for sets of 6-8 reps, and always go to failure.

You Still Must Do Isolation Exercises

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The Best Bicep Workout

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

Though experienced lifters know that you should focus on building the big muscle groups of the back, legs, and chest, everyone loves a good, hard biceps workout. Here is the best bicep workout that you can use to build the biggest arms possible.

1. Barbell Curl

The best bicep workout will start with the heaviest possible movement. For most people, this is the regular barbell biceps curl. This movement will allow you to use more weight than any other curl type of movement.

The form you use on this exercise should be somewhat loose. You do not need to use super-strict form on curls to tax your biceps, but just make sure that’s where the majority of the stress goes. Be honest with yourself about whether or not you are really working your biceps.

Work up to one or two sets of 6-8 reps with the barbell curl. If the straight barbell hurts your wrist (as it does mine), you can use an EZ bar, which has a bend in the handle that allows for more comfort. Though you probably can’t use as much weight this way, your wrists will stay safe and able to lift weights.

2. Dumbbell Hammer Curl

You need to work your forearms as hard as your biceps, if you want fully developed arms. The best movement for working your forearms is the hammer curl. Like the barbell curl with the biceps, the hammer curl will allow you to use more weight for your forearms than any other movement.

Work up to two sets of 8-10 reps with this hammer curl for the best bicep workout. Allow yourself to use a little bit of swing in the movement, but make sure you really feel your forearms working. After these first two exercises, your biceps and forearms ought to be pretty fatigued.

3. Incline Dumbbell Curl

The incline curl must be include in the best bicep workout, for it is one of the most targeted exercises for this muscle. It allows for a huge stretch at the bottom of the movement, and one of the strongest possible contractions for your biceps at the top.

To perform the incline curl, set an incline bench at a moderate angle, about 30 degrees away from vertical. Keeping your back against the pad, curl the dumbbells toward your chest, using a full range of motion and no swing. Work up to 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps.

4. Machine Preacher Curl

By now your biceps should be very fatigued, but you’re not quite done with the best bicep workout. Head on over to your favorite machine preacher curl, and perform 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps. Focus on the pump you get in your biceps, and stop when they are completely fatigued.

These are some of the best exercises you can use to train your biceps, but there are many more good ones to learn and use. Discover more movements to add to the best bicep workout at

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How to Build Huge Muscles

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Here are a few Tips on how to Build Killer Muscles:

1. Lift as much weight as possible. You should be lifting approximately 80-90 percent of the maximum weight you can lift. This means fewer sets and fewer reps, but more weight. This will eventually help improve your muscle mass. The more weight your muscles have to lift, the bigger they will get. This goes for any muscle in your body.

2. Train for shorter periods of time. Your muscles need time to recover and grow. Give them a break. It is recommended that you alternate muscles groups every day to give time for needed recovery and growth. Spend a couple days resting. This rest period is vital; without it, your muscles will not grow.

3. For abs, it is important to not only exercise the core muscles, but lose weight. To lose weight eat healthy foods and stay away from sugars and fats. Also for abs, make sure you are not doing only sit-ups. There is more than one muscle in your stomach area. You need to work them all. Try the Bicycle Exercise, the vertical leg crunch, Reverse crunch, and regular sit ups to get started.

4. Eat healthy. This is vitally important. If you do not eat healthy, all your weight training and muscle building exercises will be in vain. Make sure you get plenty of protein, which will help with your muscle building goals. Also, you may want to stay away from a lot of fiber. This may inhibit your calorie intake.

5. Finally be sure not to exercise more than 45 minutes at a time. If you go over 45 minutes, your testosterone level will begin to fall and cortisol will begin to rise. Cortisol is a chemical that eats muscle and stores body fat. You don’t want that.

Make sure to keep up a steady pace of exercising. Keep your goals in mind and don’t give up!

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Top 10 Exercises for Triceps

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

Top 10 best tricep workouts

There are many efficient tricep workouts in existence that may assist you develop more powerful as well as larger triceps and here are the ten most effective tricep exercises i’m sure of.
One of these workouts is called the triceps power push in which you put a medicine ball on the ground and you just get on top of it within a pushup position, you then push-up and land using your hands on the medicine ball. Immediately after landing you’ll want to straiten your arms and lower them to the ground. Continue doing this for twelve times for three sets.
An additional routine I am aware of is called the Push Press in which you stand up holding a dumbbell before you along with your feet and hands shoulder width separate and a little bend frontward and explode upwards in a movement as if you were attempting to toss the barbell above your head, do this while shrugging your shoulders and dip down and catch it on your shoulders and repeat the full routine needed for all tricep routines.
These may seem like extremely hard tricep exercises but they sure have confirmed to be useful for virtually all people.
More of the most effective tricep workouts
Chances are you might already have a solid idea of the way these tricep routines go and I will now enumerate few more of such tricep workouts. A well liked tricep workout named Dips in which you start by sitting on chair, and then shifting your chest area ahead while you are putting your palms on the chair. After this you start with moving your hips onward after that decreasing them till your arms reach a 90 degree angle, after this you raise your self back on the chair and duplicate the action for ten to twelve repetitions. This might be a quite simple tricep workout but it is one of the most straining tricep workouts out there.

One more exercise belonging to the extensive list of tricep workouts is called the tricep pushups in which you require an exercise ball. You start by kneeling on the ball and rolling ahead till only your shin is on top of the ball and then performing press ups while on top of the ball several sets of 5 to sixteen repetitions depending on your capacity to perform tricep workouts and tricep exercises
Different types of tricep workouts and tricep exercises
Generally there are different tactics to perform such tricep exercises based on how capable and in shape you are to do them. Some variations of these tricep workouts where in fact set up to build extra mass such as the bar pushdown in which you take a position in front of the machine having your elbows bent at 90 degrees, then you push the bar lower while you are contracting your triceps as you extend your arms. To finish the exercise you take the bar upwards to your upper body and replicate for 8-16 times for 3 sets.
Tricep kickbacks are also well-known to develop your triceps because this workout includes holding a weight in both hands then bending forward at a 90 degree angle together with your arms dangling and moving the arms upwards to your torso level with the weights in hand and repeating the procedure for 8-16 times for three sets.
Another exercise known as the skull crushers is as well useful, it is carried out by first lying down on the floor or a bench together with holding a barbell of balanced weight and closing your hands together shoulder width away from each other. Following this you stretch your hands directly upwards with your palms faced out and thumbs wrapped around so that they’re next to the fingers. Eventually, you must bend the elbows and lower the weight down to a only a few inches above your forehead or possibly until the elbows is bended in 90-degree angles. Replicate this for 3 sets of 10 to 16 repetitions.
8th on the list of exercises is the Front Raise with Tricep Extensions in which you start by seated on an exercise ball with your belly engaged and holding a minimal weight in your arms and making absolutely sure your palms are facing in. You carry on by lifting your arms directly up above your shoulder level with your elbows slightly bent. After this motion you have to temporarily stop for a minute while sweeping your hands overhead right until your arms are in a 90 degree angle. Finish this exercise by straightening your arms and sweeping them back down and repeating the movement for 16 times with 3 sets.
Ninth on the list is the workout popularly called the Triangle Pushup in which you get started by placing your hands on the floor straight below your chest plus placing your thumbs and your fingers with each other to form a diamond and in addition carrying out the push up routine in this stance.
The last of these workouts is carried out working with a resistance band connected on the top of a doorway and then holding the band in every arm and bending the elbows to about 90 degrees and finally stretching out the hands by taking the hands lower toward the ground and spreading away on either side as you contract your triceps.
It is not required to complete all each of these at once particularly in case you are a starter with tricep exercises however , as much as you carry out your tricep workouts with interest you are sure to discover a serious progress.
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Hello, my name is Rodny Mil and I’m an expert when it comes to fitness.

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

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Best Exercises for Triceps Mass

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

The triceps are one of the most underrated muscle groups.  After all, they contribute a lot more to your overall arm size than your biceps, and they are an important muscle group in all pressing exercises.  Is there a lifter out there who doesn’t want bigger arms and a bigger bench press?

With this is in mind it should seem obvious that building your triceps should be a priority if you want to get bigger and stronger.  The problem is that most people do not know how to train their triceps properly.  You will often see bodybuilders wasting away valuable energy on things like pushdowns and kickbacks. Now, there isn’t anything bad about these exercises, but the majority of your time would be much better spent on compound exercises which allow for heavy weights to be used.

In fact, you simply can’t properly stimulate all of the muscle fibers in the triceps without using some exercises which allow for heavy loads to be used.  In general it is best to hit 1 or 2 heavy compound exercises and then move on to an isolation exercise to squeeze the last little bit out of your muscles.

With this in mind let’s take a look at three fantastic exercises for your triceps:

Close grip BB Bench Press

If this isn’t the undisputed king of the triceps exercises, then it is pretty close.  The ability to use heavy weights due to contributions from your chest and front deltoids allows you to really overload the triceps and force them to get bigger.  While you want to work on continually getting stronger, you should never sacrifice form for weight.  With this exercise it important to keep the elbows near your body throughout the movement in order to keep as much stress as possible on the triceps.  Even with a narrow grip the stress can be taken off of the triceps muscle and onto the elbow joints if you do not keep the elbows tucked in tight. This obviously not only diminishes your muscle growth, but can lead to elbow and wrist problems as well.

Parallel Bar Dips

This is the classic triceps builder.  Dips are probably responsible for building more triceps muscle than any other movement.  This is due to the combination of heavy weights and targeted stress that they provide to the triceps.  When you first begin lifting you may have difficulty performing more than a couple of these, but as you progress it is important to continue adding weight by using a dumbbell between your feet or a specialized dip belt.  The addition of weight will allow you to continue to progress in this movement once you are capable of easily handling your body weight.

As with most triceps exercises, the key to proper performance is to keep your elbows close to the body.  This means using a narrow grip on the dip bars.  It also means that you should use an upright posture without too much forward lean.  Leaning forward shifts more of the stress to the delts and pecs, which is not what we want for our goal.  Optimally, you should descend into the bottom of the exercise until your upper arms were parallel with the ground. However, this may cause shoulder pain in a good percentage of lifters, and in this case you should either shorten the range of motion or discard the exercise altogether.

Triceps Skullcrushers

This is probably the lifting movement with the scariest moniker.  After all, who wants their head crushed?  But the exercise is aptly named because it is performed lying down on your back on a bench with a barbell at arm’s length.  You will then bend at the elbows and lower the bar until it touches your forehead. Obviously if you do this in an uncontrolled manner it will hurt your skull!

The key to this exercise is to make sure the stress stays on the triceps.  To do this you want the elbows close to the body and pointed towards the ceiling. It is important that you only flex and straighten the elbows and that you do not move them forward or backward, or you will shift the stress off the triceps.

While this exercise is usually done by touching the bar to the forehead, you can vary the point at which you touch in order target specific sections of the triceps.  In general, shifting lower on the body, such as the chin, will hit the medial head harder, while shifting higher on the body will hit the long head harder.

As you can see perfect form is crucial to your success with triceps exercises, just as it is with all exercises.  You can perform exercises poorly and still get some of the benefit, but you will never see great results and you may just injure yourself in the process.  Because of this it is highly recommended that you learn how to do these exercises properly from an expert in the field.

See video and get tips on Close Grip Barbell Bench Presses and more of the best exercises for triceps mass.

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How To Build Triceps – Useful Things You Need To Be Aware Of

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains
It is a known fact that one of the hardest muscles in the arms to train are the triceps. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, however. All it needs are the correct techniques and a diet tailored to build muscle for you to add size and strength to your triceps.

For starters, you have to do what every muscle builder does to build muscle (of course) and that is to eat more calories than your body burns every day. Remember that you’re not losing weight, you’re trying to build muscle and for this purpose, you need to eat more than 5 meals per day from a wide range of food groups. Fresh foods that include fruits and vegetables, lean meat like beef and chicken and complex carbohydrates like whole grains and breads must form part of your daily diet. Protein is needed if you want to build your triceps, about 2 grams per pound of body weight per day. You also need to load up on your carbs at least one hour before your workout so you will have the energy to finish your workouts.

Next, you have to get sufficient amounts of rest. When you’re doing your triceps exercises in the gym, you’re breaking down your muscle fibers. The rebuilding and repair phase happens when youre resting. Thus, not only must you rest for 8 hours each night, you must also perform your tricep exercises on alternate days so that they can fully recover after each workout. If you’re doing cardio, keep it to a minimum so you don’t use up the protein stores that your body could otherwise use to build up your triceps.

When you’re actually doing your triceps exercises, always keep good form in mind. To do lying triceps extensions correctly, your elbows must be kept in. To really build your triceps, isolate them with every repetition. Also, twice weekly workouts not only build your triceps, it also strengthens it. Take note, however, that when you do your triceps workouts, know the reason why you’re doing a particular triceps workout. Is it for strength or muscle building? There are triceps workouts that will really target your specific triceps goal. If you simply want to tone your triceps, use lighter weights and more repetitions. To build bulk, do the opposite: Use heavier weights and fewer repetitions. Also, keep in mind that you can also reach a plateau with your triceps workout too, so make sure to rotate or try out a different regimen every 6 weeks. You must always keep your body guessing so that it does not get too comfortable with your current workout and impair your triceps-building regimen.

Anyone can build biceps. No matter what fitness level you are or what type of body structure you have. Whether you’re male or female, it just takes a lot of dedication and hard work on your part to achieve it. Proper diet, exercise and correct triceps training techniques are all necessary aspects in your road to building better, stronger triceps.

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How To Get Big Chest – Supercharge Your Pec Muscles

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains
How To Get Big Chest

Building a big chest is one of the main reasons people get into bodybuilding, this is because the chest is the most focal point of the entire body and having a small chest makes a guy look skinny regardless of how big the rest of his muscles are.

There are some very common mistakes that people make when trying to build their chest. With any luck in this article I will give you the right exercises and the right methodology to boost your chest to whole new sizes.

So what do you need to build a nice big chest? These three things:

1) The right chest exercises.

2) The right chest routine.

3) The right food and adequate rest.

The right chest exercises

The bench press is awesome, obviously, but it is by no means the only way to build the muscles in your chest. The key to doing this is to fully utilise several different exercises so that your muscles get the most variation and therefore the most activity. How To Get Big Chest

Lets take a look at some good exercises you can use

1) The Incline Bench Press

2) Close Grip Bench Press

3) Dumbbell Bench Press

4) Floor Press

So obviously these are all very similar to the standard bench press but each of them creates some great variation that will help to further enhance your chest muscles.

The Right Chest Routine

It is probably not the best idea to have a whole day of your workout devoted to the chest, or any particular muscle for that matter. Instead your routines should ideally hit all of your main muscle groups while focussing on the one you are trying the hardest to grow.

If you just focus on the chest one day and then another muscle group the next it will not see the same benefits as if you use a all round routine that targets one particular zone, such as the chest.

Food and Rest

An essential part of any routine. Make sure that you are watching the food that goes into your body because the worst thing would be for all your hard work to go right down the drain.

Also make sure that you get a good 7-8 hours sleep a night. Remember that muscle growth doesn’t just occur in the gym! How To Get Big Chest

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Acquire Much Bigger Biceps And Triceps Quick

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains
Generating larger hands indicates repeating your main schedule frequently. Dont forget or perhaps ashamed to take water breaks or cracks. You really need to drink lots of water everyday. An individual is probably not excessive sweating a lot, however , you require to standard water to avoid cramps.

Growing greater biceps and triceps and even bigger biceps using classic barbells intended for Ultimate fighting championship making use of T Traction Weights will allow fighters construct strength for Ultimate fighting championship combats. Harry Fitzpatrick at T-Grip Barbell created a flexible copyrighted journal press weights or log exercising barbell to get electrical power weightlifting as well as muscle building.

Techniques to getting more considerable arms does workout routines and also workout routines that may ensure that you get final results in the quickest period possible with no inducing damage. You actually should get the professional encourage of your specialized otherwise you could be capturing card blanks, and do not acquiring somewhere.

The perfect tips on how to build massive biceps and triceps along with bigger biceps is using the T-Grip Weights for biceps doing curls. T-Grip Barbells are usually useful for post therapy with regard to shoulder incidents and much larger hands and a bigger size biceps out of strength training as well as rugby power workout . T-Grip Barbells tend to be used for sturdiness training by Nfl strength teachers throughout the Canada. Basketball competitors such as these specialty barbells very much. Muscle mass failure may be referred to as the point where the muscles have been proved helpful to the point of no longer being able to agreement to complete the exercise ever again. This specific is the position once the fibers inside the muscles style very small tears. Think about our bodies repairs these tears just like you might work with masking tape to fix little tears over a rope: as more tiny tears are produced, far more masking tape is used and also the string gets more considerable everytime it can be fixed. Similar to the rope, the muscle tissue of your physique repair itself even bigger than before. Therefore, body failure is an integral element for almost any exercise routine in which promises to gain muscle group rapid.

Much larger Biceps and triceps | How To Get Big Muscle tissue Quick ( space ) Prime Programs, Suggestions & Tips! Get bigger biceps cell getting arises from accelerating as well as putting pounds in which body. Thus, to produce much larger biceps and triceps, you need to build-up your current equip biceps as well as the tricep muscles muscle tissues. These are obviously as part of your second arm- which can be the concentration of this great article. Your current lower arm truly gets sufficient training any time doing one other workouts therefore i dont tend to give attention to unique workout routines for it.

For biceps it’s tough to get over that old fashioned weights curl. This particular exercise allows you load up quite a excellent quantity of bodyweight and force the biceps to blow up along with expansion. Dumbbell curls are usually an execllent option and will be done both standing or even while on an incline. Hammer doing curls can also be an amazing biceps creator which is often completed standing as well as inclined. Stick with most of these variations and make significant bodyweight raises to them before you seek out more inticate far more high tech physical exercises that, seriously, won’t work a lot better than these kinds of tried and tested basic principles. Simply once you’ve reach a skill level upon these types of actions will you need to use another thing.

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