How to Get Pecs – 3 Skinny Guy Tips to Build Big Pecs

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A common request among skinny guys is wanting to know how to get pecs and build a bigger chest. After all, it’s pretty embarrassing going to the beach or pool and feeling that inevitable dread as you take your shirt off, to reveal a skinny, bony chest.

We all know that the ladies like a muscular barreled chest – it shows a man is confident, strong and powerful, and in this article I’m going to show you 3 muscle building tips to show skinny guys how to get pecs and turn heads the next time you’re at the beach.

How To Get Pecs #1 – Focus On Compound Exercises

The secret to building muscle is performing weight training workouts that are focused around a core of compound exercises. These exercises work multiple muscle groups at once, thereby stimulating more muscle fibre per exercise – and the more muscle you stimulate, the faster it grows.

When focusing on your chest muscles, perform exercises such as Bench Press, Push-ups, and Dumbbell Flyes. These exercises are great for building your chest, but also work your shoulders and back for better overall development. The push-ups should be performed with feet on the floor and also elevated on an exercise ball to mix it up a little and build better quality muscle.

How To Get Pecs #2 – Use Free Weights Rather Than Machines

A common mistake many skinny guys make when they step into the gym is an over-reliance on the weight machines and little attention paid to the free weights. My big gripe with machines is they typically only work your muscles through one axis and thereby limit your development.

You will get much bigger and stronger pectoral muscles by using free weights (dumbbells and barbells) since they force you to use stabilizing muscles to hold the weight throughout the exercise.

How To Get Pecs #3 – Change Up Your Workout To See Better Overall Development

Another reason why many skinny guys fail in their quest of how to get pecs is due to the fact that their workout is stale.

To see consistent muscle gains you need to be changing up your routine on a regular basis so that your muscles never “get used to” the training. This forces your body to constantly adapt, and with adaptation comes growth.

In terms of a chest workout, I would recommend that you change up your exercises to reflect the different parts of your pectoral muscles.

For example:

Inclining the bench on the Bench Press will help to develop the upper chest and shoulders; declining it will develop the lower chest
Changing hand grips from wide to close can work the inner chest more than the outer chest.
Performing your exercises on an exercise ball will cause you to work on your balance and help to define more of the minor muscles that make up the pecs.

This will mean better-looking chest muscles and faster and consistent muscle growth.

If you’re a skinny guy who’s looking to gain muscle mass, adding bulk to your chest can really make a huge difference. Discover the secrets of how a skinny guy can add pounds of muscle mass quickly ==> How To Get Pecs.

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How to Build Muscles the Easy Way – Biceps & Triceps (Part 3 of 4)

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The upper arm is made up of 2 main muscle groups – the biceps and the triceps. The biceps consists of two bundles of muscles. They are used mainly to bend the elbow and rotate the arm. Triceps work hand in hand with the biceps to allow movement of the arms, and make up 60% of the mass of our upper arm. However, most people only focus on the biceps. It is recommended that you train both muscle groups to achieve strong and nice-looking arms.

Here are some recommended exercises. If you need visual illustrations, you can find lots of such videos on YouTube. All I can do is to describe them in the easiest possible way. Use them at your own discretion.

Training the biceps

1. Doing Chin-ups. Grab the chin-up bar with a reverse grip and your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Pull yourself up and allow your chin to touch the bar. Return slowly to the starting position and repeat until exhaustion. Take note that you should not kick your legs or swing your body too vigorously to do a chin-up as it defeats the whole purpose.

2. Dumbbell Curls. You can do this exercise either by standing or sitting. I prefer to stand. Grab 2 dumbbells and let your arms hang by your sides. Slowly curl both dumbbells up. At the top of the motion, turn your palm to face you and contract your biceps. Pause momentarily and slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position. The downward motion is the part where most work is done, which means most muscle growth, so be sure to do this slow. You can also alternate the dumbbells by starting with your left hand, and then right hand.

3. Barbell Curls. Stand in a comfortable position. Bend down and grab the barbell and slowly lift it up. Once you are ready, contract your biceps and bring the bar to your chest. Then slowly lower the bar. Repeat. Keep your back straight to avoid any back injuries. Your knees should also be slightly bend to cushion the weight of the barbell. Otherwise, you might injure your back as well.

Training the triceps

1. Bench Dips. Face away from the bench and position your hands shoulder-width apart on a flat bench. Reach out your feet as far as possible, and your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your upper body towards the floor by bending your elbows. Once you reach the bottom of the movement, push yourself back up to the starting position. Refrain from resting your butt on the ground.

2. Dumbbell Extensions. One of my favourites as it is the easiest to perform. This should be done in a standing position. Hold a dumbbell with both hands and position the dumbbell above your head with your arms extended. Slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head, and its ending position should be just behind your head. Raise the dumbbell back to its starting position. Keep your back straight and knees slightly bend throughout the exercise.

3. Straight Bar Pushdowns. This has to be done at a cable machine. Grab the bar with your palms facing down and the bar should be at your chest level. Lower the bar and exhale at the same time. Keep your elbows close to you. Do not lock your joints in the ending position; there should be a slight bend in your elbows. Then bring the bar up slowly to its starting position (chest level) and inhale at the same time.

Remember to allow your muscles to rest after a day’s workout. Training on alternate days is fine. Over-training will not trigger more muscle growth, but will instead lead to tiredness and insomnia. You can learn how to build arm muscles here.

George is the owner of, a Q-&-A-based information portal. You can find more tips on muscle building. Feel free to drop by and post questions or add a link back to your own site.

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Revealing All About Triceps Press Downs

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There are really a lot of issues which are in the body building field and they are all challenging and really difficult to handle. This is also to do with the type of exercises which are involved to make the whole routine a success. Triceps press downs are part of the most useful routine exercises which are used regularly in making the body fit and it serves as a compound training to cover all the group muscles within the body.

The triceps press down is also very popular and a choice for the body builders who are wishing to have an isolation of their triceps brachii. It is very common in commercial gyms because it requires more of the advanced routine exercises and equipments for instance the high cable pulley set system used in enabling a trainer to succeed in performing is routine exercise. So you can put on the small and straight bar kind of attachment and from there it is easy to perform the routine successfully. There are always many ways of doing it and if in case you do not have ample knowledge on the same it is good to give it a try wit the assistance of a trainer.

Before doing any training, it is always good to make sure that your first priority comes in to evaluate the type of muscles being targeted in this case and from there you have at least a way through to know how to start and proceed. The triceps brachii is generally a name used to describe a muscle composing of tree heads. The large and long head is the one attached firmly to the respective shoulder blade, and the outer lateral head usually attaches to the other upper portion mainly of the humerus bone. For the inner medial head it is strategically attached to the immediate and lower region of the same humerus bone, in this case the humerus bone is the bone which holds together the upper arm. The three heads are then attached to the bone which is located strategically on the forearm and this is what causes the upper arm to succeed on any attempt of extension after there is a contraction of the respective triceps brachii. So for the triceps brachii the body builder must make sure that he performs exercises which help in the execution of the movement caused by the extension of the forearm.

Bearing in mind that the three heads are all responsible for the forearm extension it is good to make sure that all the relevant exercises reach the entire muscle group. Remember that this is also a very sensitive part of the body and it deserves to b taken with the seriousness it deserves. Make sure that you have a perfect guideline of working out these parts and reduce any workload which may eventually lead to injuries in the process. Make the workouts as easy as possible and safer all the times; let it also be an interesting adventure to avoid boredom.

Dane Fletcher is the world’s most prolific bodybuilding and fitness expert and is currently the executive editor for If you are looking for more bodybuilding tips or information on weight training, or supplementation, please visit the bodybuilding and fitness authority site with hundreds of articles available FREE to help you meet your goals.

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Triceps Exercises for Women that Work

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

It seems as a woman gets older the more issues she has with her arms.  When there is weight loss along with aging you end up with a lot of upper arm flab.  This flab is unsightly and difficult to get rid of.  With a few of the right exercises you will be able to get the well-toned arms of your youth.  People who lose a lot of weight will also have a problem with upper arm flabbiness.  Just like you exercise the rest of your body to get a toned body you must also do tricep exercises for women.

Some of the best exercises for the triceps are done using small weights called dumbbells.  Usually a woman will use 5 to 10 pound weights to work their arms.  You can exercise both arms at a time or one at a time.  When you exercise one arm at a time always remember to do the same amount of repetitions for each arm.  You don’t want to have one well worked arm and not the other. 

Dumbbell use is important for building your triceps.  You can build your triceps without ending up with too much muscle.  Some women worry about working their arms too much.  They are afraid they will end up with the look of a man’s toned and muscular arms.  You can work your arms without an overabundance of muscle.  It is actually a lot of work to get a man’s look on a woman.

Some of the best exercises include skull crusher, hanging dips, dumbbell triceps extensions and close grip push-ups.  With some you will need dumbbells.  The skull crusher is done by lying on a bench.  You will use a small weight and will lift it over your head.  You then will lower it towards your forehead.  This is an exercise where you work out slowly.  You will want to work on going as slow as possible.

The dumbbell tricepsextensions are done while sitting straight.  It can also be done while standing.  Hold the dumbbell over your head and slowly lower it behind your head.  You will be bending your elbows for this one.  Work slowly to get the most benefit out of it.  You will grip the dumbbell with both hands and work both arms at the same time.  It is also possible to work one arm at a time if you prefer.

Using these exercises you will be able to get the toned arms of your youth.  You will no longer be ashamed of flabby arms.  While working your arms you should consider working the rest of your body.  You can lose weight and get toned all over with the right type of exercises.  An exercise that will improve your circulation as well as burn calories is a cardio exercise and tricep exercises for women.  There are many types of cardio that you can do to burn calories and help you to lose weight.  Remember to work your arms as well to fight the flab.  You can have arms you will be proud of with a little work with weights.


If you would like to know more about this, you can visit the site at the following URL provided: Tricep Exercises for Women.

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

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Measure Your Benefit With Bench Press Calculator

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

Functioning out might be quite difficult at time particularly should you be not the variety who do this regularly. The muscle groups inside your arms, thighs, legs as well as your chest location really should be exposed to operating out.

Bench Press Calculator is just an addition and not a mandatory portion of one’s program. Nevertheless, a distinction could be created should you preserve 1 of this. The bench press calculator has its distinct utilizes that can enable you to get the final results that you simply want.

Bench press calculator requires note with the day and time of the workouts. As you go in addition to your bench press exercising, seeing your record daily gets you motivated. Your physique weight might also be noted with this physical exercise gear and monitor how rapid the adjustments you happen to be producing.

It is going to enable you to in your required repetitions within the program with bench press calculator. Start off with minimal counts of repetitions and sets. As you go along, you are going to a chart to monitor your progress for the subsequent stage. This will likely allow you to come up along with your 1 REP MAX bench press. It requires the quantity of weight you are able to bench for a particular quantity of reps and makes use of a formula to calculate your approximate 1 REP MAX.

The degree of weights is going to be identified from the bench press calculator together with the chart. The tool will allow you to monitor your progress from this quantity of weight for the heavier ones.

Bench press calculator also aids you to maintain track of one’s endurance, strength and agility. You’ll find scoring units to acknowledge for these issues. To think about, you’ll find lot of techniques which a bench press calculator could be employed. Make use of this within your benefit to monitor your progress appropriately and preserve track of the workout program which will absolutely offer you one thing to appear forward to.

Collectively using the bench press calculator and proper measurements, it is going to assist you to catch in your program.

The author has been writing for over ten years on a broad range of topics. She has a background that includes such diverse areas as environmentalism, cooking, animal care, and technology. If you would like more information on pianoforall review , please visit this site

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

How to Get Ripped Chest Muscles Fast

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

How to get a ripped chest quickly is one of the most common questions asked in the gym. Why? Because large chest muscles look sexy, they look great when you take your top of down the pool or beach and girls can see how fit you are by the way those pectoral muscles create a great shape in your shirt.

The chest muscles are basically made up of two main muscles – the small pectoralis minor muscle that lies on top of the chest wall and then the larger pectoralis major muscle which lies on top of this and which gives the chest its shape.

In order to build the chest muscles you need to perform exercises that focus on these muscles and also, surprisingly, exercise the large muscles of the body such as the quadriceps muscle – the large muscle on the front of the thigh, to promote growth hormone production. A popular exercise that stimulates the chest muscles is the bench press. You basically lie on your back, holding a barbell with your hands at shoulder width apart. You then lower the barbell slowly to your chest and then push it back up until your arms are back to the straightened position. It is important to lower the barbell slowly and not drop the weight allowing it to bounce off your chest.

The next important factor if you want to know how get a ripped chest is diet. I don’t mean starving yourself to lose fat. Yes, you have to lose that fat layer that covers the chest muscles but you also have to build and maintain the muscle bulk. If you try and starve yourself you will send your body into what is known as a catabolic state which will have the effect of breaking down all that hard gained muscle. So, what you need to do is maintain adequate protein intake but also incorporate cardio routines to your workout to burn calories otherwise you will just bulk up with muscle and fat leaving yourself looking bloated.

How long will it take? That depends on how much work you are willing to put in, whether you are performing the correct workout routines, your diet and more importantly – consistency. In all sporting areas, consistency is the key. Making small gains, regularly over a period of time soon amounts to large gains. In as little as 11 weeks you should be able to get a ripped chest fast.

Many people desire a ripped muscular body which takes time and work. However there are shortcuts to speed up your gains. This article explains the principles behind getting a ripped muscular chest fast. If you want to hit the ground running and get going with a full program that provides you with all the workouts, cardio routines and diet then then there are a number of programs available including the Vince Delmonte Review Program or the Truth About Abs Program. These all employ the same basic principles of building muscle and losing fat but in a no nonsense structured approach.

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How to Build Chest Muscles – All You Need to Bulk Your Chest

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

How to build chest muscles is a common question between new lifters and in order to really bulk up your pectoral muscles you’ll need to understand few very important things about muscle building.

First of all it doesn’t matter whether you want to build chest, back, shoulder or leg muscles – the single most effective way to achieve this goal is to focus on compound free weight exercises.

There’s nothing wrong with isolated machines exercises, but the fact is that these are muscle shaping not mass and strength building exercises. You should also know that in order to build a powerful chest you’ll need to focus on some really heavy pressing movements, because you’ll experience zero or very little muscle growth if you’ll keep moving light weights.

Flat barbell bench press

One of the most important exercises in bodybuilding. It targets both Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor muscles. If you want to develop a massive and powerful chest, then you should really focus on this free weight exercise. Probably you already know how to perform it, yet you should know that in order to stimulate some serious muscle growth – you’ll need to increase the poundage.

Try to perform no more than four sets per this exercise and on each set try to increase the weight, even if you’ll need to sacrifice a rep or two.

Incline dumbbell press

This exercise is very similar to flat barbell bench press, but instead of using a barbell you use dumbbells. This means that there will be more stabilizing muscles involved, which at the end of the will help you to add more overall mass to your body. It’s a good strength and mass builder, and it should be performed either before or after flat bench press.

This exercise isolates the upper part of your pectoral muscles which after some time will help you to develop a beautiful “chest split” and it will help you to form a fully developed and powerful chest.

The amount of sets is very similar to flat bench press. Try to perform from three to four working sets and try to do about 8 to 12 repetitions per sets.

Dumbbell Flyes

One of my favourite exercises which really helps you to experience the pump in your chest muscles. It is also a very good mass builder, because it literally streches out your muscle fibers in the pectoral area, so make sure that you include this exercise into your chest workout.

Usually this exercise is performed after heavy pressing movements and the amount of sets stays the same – from 3 to 4, yet the amount of reps can go up – usually from 10 up to 14.

A lot of new lifters tend to cheat while performing this exercise. Don’t make this silly mistake and instead of using very heavy weights try to pick up some lighter dumbbells and on every repetition performed try to feel a stretch in your pectoral area.

If you want to get more information about building pectoral muscle, then visit!

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

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Build Muscles Faster

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

If you want to build muscle fast, there are a number of ways to go about it. However, if you think that spending hour after hour at the gym is going to help you build muscle fast, then think again. You’re going to change your mind after reading what’s below!

It’s necessary to eat healthy and exercise religiously in order to build muscles rapidly. Following your complete workout plan is essential. Only partially following the training plan will not give you the benefits you need.

Another thing you should consider if wanting to build muscle fast, is that by increasing your natural testosterone levels, you can actually speed up the process. The hormone, testosterone is necessary for muscle building and is produced in varying degrees in both men and women. For building muscles quickly, your body needs to produce more amount of testosterone than normal. Because women relatively have lesser amounts of testosterone produced in their bodies, they cannot have much muscle growth and as a result, cannot become as bulky as men.

When deciding what foods you are going to include in your diet to help you build muscle fast, there is one main consideration: for best results you need to ensure your diet consists of fresh whole foods. Some of these foods are fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, egg whites, red meat, and chicken breasts.

Many of the foods listed above are rich in protein. This is no accident. Protein is essential for muscle repair and muscle building, and should be included in each and every meal through the day. To keep your natural testosterone levels at their peak, reduce foods containing soy and soya-based products. Alcohol has a opposite effect on testosterone. So it’s good to limit intake of alcohol as much as possible.

A regular strength training, which includes work outs, such as chin-ups, dead lifts, dips, lunges, squats, bench and military presses, is also necessary to build muscle quickly. The exercises listed above will strain your muscles greatly, which will help enhance testosterone production.

The leg muscles need the same level of intense exercises as the rest of the body. Since intense leg training can enhance muscle growth in the rest of the body, you need to perform this really well.

Your training intensity is another primary aspect to keep in mind when you’re exercising. Your exercises need to be at 100% intensity in order to develop muscle fast. Trying to push yourself harder in every session will definitely help you build muscles quickly.

Too much of exercises can be harmful and remember to get a good night’s sleep. This is for your muscles to grow and recoup at the earliest.

As you can see, to build muscle fast, it is important to keep your natural testosterone levels as high as possible, whilst following a sensible eating and exercise program designed for muscle building growth. Follow your training program regularly and remain focused on your goals to see fast and effective results.

Learn to elevate the level of natural testosterone in your body and build muscle much faster!

For more information on how to really put on some muscle, check out Build Muscle Fast for the simple formula.

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Best Biceps Workouts and Exercises

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

I see a lot of people in GYM working daily on their arms. That means doing biceps and triceps exercises without any concentration on the muscle they are doing. Lifting to much weight that their muscle can handle. Doing exercises the way they should not and that leads slower progress on muscle raising and strength gaining. Are you one of them? Then read on to see what things you need to be careful on and which biceps workouts and exercises are the best to go for at the beginning!

First when deciding that you want a bigger biceps you need to follow some tips, no mater if you are a women or men, or if you do not even go to GYM, you do home based workouts. The first part to follow is the nutrition. You should have an ideal nutrition that means enough proteins and not to many carbs and fat food. Your muscles need proteins to grow (I recommend a lot of meet and whey supplement). Second you need to work on your biceps 1-2 times per week, it is enough trust me! Third is that you work on other muscles of your body. The ones I recommend the most are chest, legs and back. The best exercises to help you gaining faster biceps muscle are squats and dead lift!

As I said you should work 1-2 times per week in GYM or at home to get stronger, bigger biceps. Here are the best biceps workouts and exercises that you should follow first week. Second week you need to change the workouts to get faster results, that is important!

Barbell Curl or Dumbbell Curl – The very basic exercise for your biceps. Sometimes is best to put on lower weights and more concentrate on your muscle, also do more lifts than usual. Try to lower your shoulders when doing it and not trying to help your lifting with swinging your body forward and back!
Chip-Up – You need to have the strength to lift your body up to 10 times. If you can not, that means you are not strong enough for your body weight. Practice it!
Incline Dumbbell Curl – The exercise that makes wonders, trust me! Usually I add in each routine an half routine that means I do 12 lifts, then I have a 8 seconds brake and I do another 6 lifts. I do 3 routines in that exercise, try it!
Concentration Curl – I do that exercise every time on the end of the day. That means putting on really low weight and trying to concentrate only on biceps when lifting dumbbell. Do lifts slowly and concentrated!

Check out our blog for the best Biceps Workouts and build up bigger arms thanks to our help. More Biceps Exercises inside!

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

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How to Get a Good Bicep Workout

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains

A work out is one of the major components in achieving a well fit body. However, it is best to give importance on the techniques as well as the proper execution of these exercises in order to achieve the best results. When done the wrong way, you are just more likely to get numerous injuries and muscle cramps.

As we all know, having a well formed bicep serves a source of a person’s confidence as it indicates strength and well conditioning of the body. Due to this fact, a lot of people are exerting more effort in focusing their work outs more on this type of muscle. But as discussed earlier, only a few were able to achieve the best of results while a lot of people lack important knowledge in the proper execution of a bicep work out. But in order to make the most out of your bicep work out, there are several ways and factors that should be considered.

What most people often take for granted is giving focus on antagonistic muscles. These muscles are the opposing types that balance each other. Some good example include the biceps and triceps, the chest and upper back, the abdominals and the lower back, and the quads and the hamstrings. This group of muscles should be given of equal importance on your work outs in order to balance the results. This is important in order to ensure a growth of maximum potential on opposing muscles. This just simply means that you should provide an equal amount of exercise for your biceps as well as your triceps.

Another technique for a better bicep work out is by giving importance on both direct and indirect movements. Direct training work out refers to isolation exercises while the indirect ones are compound movements. One good example of direct movements is by way of curls while pull-ups and pull-downs make up the indirect movements. This is important to consider as these movements provide a full range of motion for your biceps to achieve better muscle development and more muscle stimulation.

One popular example of a program specifically designed to greatly improve a person’s biceps is the Great Guns in 12 Weeks. This program is designed by a former trainer of Olympic athletes and well known strength consultant, Ian King. This program aims to increase arm size in just 12 weeks. So if you happen to be in great desperation for a bicep improvement, this might be the perfect program for you.

The entire program is composed of four different phases that give equal focus on both the triceps and biceps. This program is also designed to be a part on other work out programs for other parts of your body in order to give fair importance on other body parts. During the said program, you must start by on weights that can be considered as moderately challenging and adding them up on each succeeding week. This is vital as it will ensure better development for your muscles and provide a more toned muscle growth.

If you enjoyed reading about what a great results driven workout it is, then I promise you will love to see this. It is a great opportunity to get in the best shape of your physical and financial life. Contact me if you want to workout from home and make money doing it. Remember, everything I say has a guarantee.

Let iron cross fittness show you the secrets to overnight bench press gains